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    Set Background color for only one value




      just one question.

      I have a Point-Chart and i want to set only the color of one point per excel(3 columns with R,G,B values).

      The other point should get colors from qlikview.


      I tried to set the Backgroundcolor of my Expression to:




      and color is:


      =if(not isNull(R),RGB(R,G,B))


      Usually if i define a color for every point this works. When i give just one value RGB values I thought the "not isNull(R)" condition would prevent the other points to get this color. But instead of printing the one black and others not, all points are black.


      Short example, my english is not the best^^


      This works:                                                            This not:


      Car      |     R     |     G     |     B                                   Car      |     R     |     G     |     B

      Audi    |     120   |   200   |     90                                   BMW  |     56     |   70     |     90

      BMW  |     56     |   70     |     90

      Ford    |     220   |   200   |     290                               The Values Ford and Audi still

                                                                                      exist, but have no RGB-Values






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          Ok i solved the problem by myself.  In Excel tables only insert values you wanted to make spezific colors.




          Car      |     R     |     G     |     B

          BMW  |     56     |   70     |     90


          And instead of inserting:




          in the backgroundcolour tag of your expression,use:




          Maybe s.o. may use this too:)