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    Choosing dimension values inside set analysis

      I have single qlikview table where you have information about when a  Case\Workorder was created and when it was completed. It contains the WO Created Date and WO Completed date and the WO ID.


      Now on a particular day I wanted to see the number of WO created and number of WOs completed.


      To achieve this I created a Calender table that cointains the calender date and I use it as a data island (not linked to any QV table)- let us call it common date


      Then in a simple straight table I use the Common date as my dimension and I try to calculate the number of created cases on a date as below in set analysis.


      Dimension: Common  Date

      Completed Cases Expression:

      Sum({<[WO Completed Date]= {"=[WO Completed Date]= CommonDate"}>}WO).


      The above formula doesnot give me results. If I try to use a normal condition as below I get the results, but the performance is very bad.


      Sum(IF(CommonDate=[WO Completed Date],WO)).


      Can someone please help me to achieve the result with set analysis ?


      Please let me know if you need more details.