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    Calendar with From and To Date



      I was wondering if someone would be able to assist me with an issue I am having.  I am writing a report on Qlikview to view all data for two peices of software called 'Maximo' and 'Syclo'.  However the people who have asked me to do this, have asked me to create a calendar object to search for a from and to date. 

      They want to be able to put in information such as 01-APR-12 to 15-MAY-12, which will pull through all information that was logged between 1st April 2012 and the 15th May 2012. 


      However the field in which the data was logged is called the logdate, and it a Timestamp format.


      I tried creating a calendar with a from and to date, but the from date did not include that specific day, (in the example above, it would not include the 15th May for Example). 


      I have attached a copy of the Qlikview file, if anyone wants to take a look to see how the data is represented.




      Jon Ditchfield