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    How can i deal with non existing (missing) values in set analysis?

    Anders Moller

      I am trying to compare 2 sets to each other. I do this through set analysis and variables.

      The below formula is a simplification that shows the issue.


           SUM({<CostPatternVersionTravel={'$(vProjection1)'},BudgetCopy.CostPatternVersionBudget={'$(vProjection2)'} >}
                    If(IsNull(BudgetCopy.Field), 1, 2)

      The problem is that for some values of field, there is no values that fall within the set, resulting in an empty set.


      Is there any way i can know inside the set analysis that the set is empty?


      I have tried IsNull and Len but they produce no result.


      If i cannot come up with a solution i will generate the missing lines with replicate values and zeroes, but i would prefer not to as that is extra data for qlikview to handle.