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    Set Analysis - Nulls, Multiple Conditions, Ors

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying 3 things in this set analysis that I am not too comfortable with yet.


      My code currently looks like this:


      Count({$-<Employee.Manager = {'*'}, User.ID = {'90*'}, User.ID = {'5*'}>} DISTINCT User.ID)


      Count({$<Employee.Manager = {'Not assigned'}, User.ID = {'90*'}, User.ID = {'5*'}>} DISTINCT User.ID)


      I want to Count DISTINCT User.IDs where the Employee.Manager is null, or is Not assigned.  I also only want to select user IDs that begin with 90 or 5.


      Note that I tried replacing all null values of Employee.Manager with 'Not assigned', but I think if User.ID doesn't exist in the Employee table, it'll show up as null no matter what.


      Thank you!