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    Use Set Analysis



      How transpormar following expression to set analysis ? For the exposed form generates the incorrect value, why not obey selection of products.


      sum (if (ProductName = 'CAPPUCPRONTO'), Vol_Umb/12, Vol_Kg)


      Thank you!

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          Sree Anarasi

          Hi use this



          =sum ({<ProductName ={'CAPPUCPRONTO'}>} Vol_Umb/12, Vol_Kg)



          Vol_Umb/12, Vol_Kg is one filed or 2 fields...  for one field it works fine

          if it is 2 fields use the aggregation..



          Aggr(sum ({<ProductName ={'CAPPUCPRONTO'}>} Vol_Umb/12), Vol_Kg)



          if not clear please post a sample of file with fields names..

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              Are two distinct fields.


              The expression did not show any results.


              I managed to solve the following expression, not very elegant, but gave the correct result.


              =sum({$<Nome_Familia1 = {"CAPPUCPRONTO"}>} Vol_Liq_Umb/12 ) + sum({$<Nome_Familia1 -={"CAPPUCPRONTO"}>} Vol_Liq_Kg)