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    vbscript function returns Null Value


      Hi everyone !

      I have a problem using a personal vbscript function in qlikview.

      What am I trying to do is :

      - Retrieve the selected date

      -Transform the date into an Unix TimeStamp

      -Send the value to a qlikview variable

      The problem is that I retrieve a Null value from the vbscript function.


      VBSCRIPT :


      <pre>FUNCTION DateToTimestamp() set val = ActiveDocument.Fields("Year").GetSelectedValues set val1 = ActiveDocument.Fields("Month").GetSelectedValues set val2 = ActiveDocument.Fields("Day").GetSelectedValues SELECT CASE val1.Item(0).Text case "janv" b=1 case "fév" b=2 case "mars" b=3 case "avr" b=4 case "mai" b=5 case "juin" b=6 case "juil" b=7 case "août" b=8 case "sept" b=9 case "oct" b=10 case "nov" b=11 case "déc" b=12 END SELECT SELECT CASE val1.Item(val1.Count-1).Text case "janv" c=1 case "fév" c=2 case "mars" c=3 case "avr" c=4 case "mai" c=5 case "juin" c=6 case "juil" c=7 case "août" c=8 case "sept" c=9 case "oct" c=10 case "nov" c=11 case "déc" c=12 END SELECT datec = val.Item(0).Text & "/" & b & "/" & val2.Item(0).Text datef = val.Item(val.Count-1).Text & "/" & c & "/" & val2.Item(val2.Count-1).Text 'msgbox(datec) 'msgbox(datef) DateToTimestamp= DateDiff("s","1/1/1970",datec) '& "-" & DateDiff("s","1/1/1970",datef) 'msgbox(selectedYear) END FUNCTION
      QlikView :
      let timestampSelected = DateToTimestamp();
      Is this a problem with my vbscript function or with qlikview?
        • vbscript function returns Null Value

          Hello Adrian

          The function is probably ok but you can't use GetSelectedValues from the load-script.
          You should be able to use a trigger instead when the document is opened.
          Go to document properties (Ctrl+Alt+D), the tab triggers and add a trigger to execute your macro when the document is opened.
          You also need to change your macro from a function to a sub.