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    Problem with formula and time variables

      Hello erverybody,


      i have a problem with the following formula:


      ((Abladestelle=Feld 1 and  BIN_ITEM_DETAIL.ACTIVATION_DATE < v24H),


      if((Abladestelle=Feld 2 and  BIN_ITEM_DETAIL.ACTIVATION_DATE < v24H),



      It is a dimension with 2 fields and different criteria,to be issued for each a value of more than 24 hours is.

      This I have tried to show a variable v24H



      Once I second the If-Funktion(if((Abladestelle=Feld 2 and  BIN_ITEM_DETAIL.ACTIVATION_DATE < v24H),) activate I get a null value in my pivot table.

      If I disable the second function If I just get a value for Field1.

      Please Help


      Greetings Sven