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    Chart Behaves Differently When Published to Server

    Mark Shannon

      I've noticed an unusual error/issue when publishing documents with parallel coordinates to the server.  The field that drives the color has one of its values appearing across the top row for EVERY other field.  The field that is next to the color driver has one of its values appearing across the bottom of EVERY row on the chart.  What is really confusing is that this issue does not happen when opening with the desktop applications.  I thought it could be something with my personal applications but the same thing happens with QlikView's own demo app showcasing the parallel coordinates chart here: http://us.demo.qlik.com/detail.aspx?appName=Insurance.qvw


      Why would this only cause an issue on the server and not for the desktop app?  Has anyone else had issues with charts being displayed or interpretted differently when published to the server?


      - Mark