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    Help for using set analysis in gauge chart

      Hi all, I am tryng to produce several gauge chart, wher each one has to show an average of values in a same field, selected  using other 2 fields (OP-CO and Area):


      I would like to use a variable to select the value of the first field (OP-CO), but if  I use the variable name, the chart disappear (ex. 1), while if I put the exact value (ex. 2), it is correct:


      Ex 1:      avg({$<[OP-CO] = {'$([OP-CO_1])'}, Area={'Quality'}>} [Assessment Value])


      Ex 2:      avg({$<[OP-CO] = {'Denmark'}, Area={'Quality'}>} [Assessment Value])


      Do I miss something?


      Thanks a lot for helping!