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    Unknown charttype Error with Mekko chart: QV V11.2

    Claude Jakob


      I am struggling with a puzzling error. I have defined a Mekko chart in my QV app and it displays correctly in my development environment (Notebook using QV 11.2, x86 version). When I move the app to the server (QVS V11.2 64-bit version), fully load and distribute the app. When accessingthe app via IE plugin I receive the error 'Unknown charttype' . When looking at the properties of that object I do not have the Mekko chart in the Chart Type selection.


      Chart/object properties in development environment (containing Mekko chart as option):


      Chart/Object properties after distribution with QVS and viewed via IE plugin (no Mekko chart type option):


      Does anyone have a lead to solve the issue?