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    Inputfield - Working with results of input

      Hi everyone,


      I'm currently having a lot of trouble working with an inputfield.

      In short, what I require is Qlikview to calculate a sum for me which is made up of two parts - determined by an if statement.

      The difficulty is that the if statement conditions on the value in an inputfield.


      More clearly - my data looks like this:


      Price     Transaction Cost     Limit (inputfield)     Rate Thereafter (inputfield)

      20         50                          100                         1%

      20         150                        100                         1%

      20         200                        100                         1%

      20         80                          100                         1%


      If the transaction cost exceeds the limit, the price charged will be (Transaction Cost) * (Rate Thereafter). Otherwise it will just be (Price).

      I would like to sum this over all my data - however I can't manage to get Qlikview to process the if([Transaction Cost] > [Limit]) condition line-by-line. An obvious solution would be to just do it in Excel, but I would like the two inputfield columns to be flexible and changeable within the Qlikview interface.


      Can anybody help me?


      Thanks in advance,