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    database values do not coincide with qlikview values



      I have a field (id_Personal) with values 08, 06, 03 to pass to qlikview I get 8,006,003.

      Use the following syntax:
      OLEDB CONNECT TO [Provider = SQLOLEDB.1; Persist Security Info = True; User ID = qlikview; Initial Catalog = Storage, Data Source = melodepo; Use Procedure for Prepare = 1; Auto Translate = True; Packet Size = 4096; Workstation ID = SRVQLIKVIEW; Use Encryption for Data = False; Tag with column collation When possible = False] (XPassword is OKNSdQRMNLaADbEGQRPB);

      LOAD "Id_Compania"
           "Fecha_Transaccion", "Id_Personal"
      SQL SELECT *
      FROM Deposito.dbo. "Historico_Movimiento_Encab"
      Where year (Fecha_Transaccion)> = 2013;

      how to make passes exactly the same values.

      Please help,