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    Qlikview Syntax

    Israr Khan

      Hi Community,


      Any Body would like to explane me the syntax below,

      i am confuse with some statment. confusion marked in red color.


      1) sum({[GROUP 1]<Region = $ :: Region >} sales)... why to use double colon :: in set analysis.


      2) sum(sales)/ sum(total < Month, Group > sales )... why to use < > here.


      3) sum({<year= {$ (# vLastyear)} sales)..why to use # with variable.



      your explanation would be highly appreacited...




      kind Regards



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          jagan mohan rao appala




          1) :: represents Alternate states, Group1 alternate state is equating with default state Region values.

          2) If you want to group by dimensions then you can specify like this total < Month, Group >, groups the sales value by Month and Group.

          3) Here # represents number, it is not mandatory.




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            Jakub Michalik

            I don't want to sound dismissive, but you can find all of that in Reference Guide, and I honestly doubt my own explanation would be better in any way ;-) Specifically:

            1) page 844, Alternate States in Set Expressions

            2) page 782, Chart Aggregation Functions (examples on page 843)

            3) page 281, Dollar-Sign Expansion Using a Variable

            (page numbers from Reference Guide for QlikView 11 SR2, 11414)