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    Connected iFrames showing Objects with singleobject.htm

      Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


      I hope to find help from you with this problem:


      We have a webbased system where i want to show on a certain page various objects from a qvw-file. I am using the singleobject.htm since I need to use iFrames for the integration. This works pretty good, i use dynamic urls to filter the objects fitting to the data in the base system.


      My problem is:

      Having two singleobject.htm-iFrames with objects on one page in the web-system, they seem to be independent of each other. So when I filter the object in one of the iframes, the data don't get filtered in the second iframe.


      What can I do to connect these iframes with each other?


      Thanks a lot in advance, ideas or experience would be great.


      Kind regards,