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    FilterPane Document Extension

    Nick Webster

      A while back I was asked if it was possible to put some list boxes onto a floating panel which would slide out when required, slide being the key word. The answer is yes and I've put a Document Extension together that does just that.


      In essence the extension takes ALL objects that sit in the left 250px of a QlikView sheet and puts them on a new hidden, but accessible, panel and then shifts the rest of the objects over to the left, giving you another 250px of real estate to use for other purposes. A 'tab' on left side of QlikView provides access to the panel when clicked, touched or hovered over (depending on device), which will slide out over the existing objects and slide in again accordingly.


      It's currently using jQuery to identify the current sheet/tab so if you have a QVW with the Tab Row hidden then you'll need to adapt the extension. It's by no means perfect as the size and positioning are currently coded into the script and css files and in an ideal world these would be configurable. The repositioning of containers is also not 100% accurate yet.


      Please feel free to download/use/adapt and I'd be glad to hear your feedback.