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    Changing Default Colours in Qlikview Server

    Naveenchellaaraam Dhanabalan


      Is it possible to change the default colours in the reports deployed in qlikview server?

      The current selections are highlighted in green. But as per my requirements i want to change it to blue. I am able to achieve it in my QV Desktop using macros, but when the same report is uploaded in the server, it is not working.

      This is the macro i am using


      Sub ChangeCol

      set up = ActiveDocument.GetApplication.GetUserPreferences


      up.CustomSelBgColor(1).PrimaryCol.Col = RGB (168,211,255)

      up.CustomSelBgColor(2).PrimaryCol.Col = RGB (255,255,255)

      up.CustomSelBgColor(5).PrimaryCol.Col = RGB (125,125,125)


      ActiveDocument.GetApplication.SetUserPreferences up

      End Sub




      Thanks and Regards