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    QVSTEST and Licenses



      I have a question regarding development, licenses & QV Test.  I would like to begin by describing what I understand today, about QV Licenses and Development.


      We do not want to do all of our development on the actual QlikView server, via RDP, as we all have QlikView Desktop Editions and laptops with 16GB of RAM, so we can hold a fair amount of data locally.


      We currently have one server, which has been licensed with our QVSERVER license, for which we have 10 User CALs and 120 Document CALs.  Using QMC, we assigned Name User CALs to all developers on our team.  After we did this, we found that we could still not open up QVW files that we did not create.  Is this normal?


      The next step we all performed was to open a QVW file using the "Open in Server" option to lease a license.  After performing these step, we found we were all able to open a QVW file irregardless of whether or not we were the creator.


      In addition to our QVSERVER license, which I understand to be Production, we also have a QVSTEST license, which I understand to be a Test/Development QlikView server.  I read somewhere that license leasing is not available on a Test/Development QV Server?


      Is there something concerning the connection between the ability to open QVW files, License Leasing and Name User CALs which I don't understand?  I guess I don't see how from a Developer perspective, how the Named User CALs on a test server are useful?


      Is it that if we need to do development, we need to always lease a license from a Production server, and the Named User CALs on a Test/Development server are simply there for end users?