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    Repeat Call report

      Hope someone can help point me in the right direction here.


      distinct Call IDCustomer ID
      Datenumber dialed
      1ef346Sub_1034/1/20138005558080customer service

      customer service




      8005558080customer service

      So here is a mock up table of the data.

      I want to develop a report that shows repeat calls, for example the results for this data would show on 4/1/2013 we had 3 distinct calls total (the 4th is a transfer and the call ID is repeated), but that 66% of the callers were the same caller. I want to be able to look at this data by day, month, week... whatever date range I can select.


      I thought something along the lines of Count(Distinct [distinct Call ID]) as an expression but with a calculated dimension field that looks for repetition of Distinct Customer ID.



      Any help would be greatly appreciated.