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    Listbox with half supported-QlikView behavior

    Amir Vastani

      Is it possible to create a listbox of values that do the following


      1. Populates a list of values from set of existing values depending on selection in associated fields (natural QV behavior), but HIDE the unassociated fields (natural QV behavior with Hide Excluded checked)

      2. Furthermore, all the values in the listbox should be selected (probably by a trigger), however, when a user deselects a value, keep that in the listbox and not remove it since this is excluded value. It is excluded but still in the possible selection set to reselect (unnatural QV behavior)



      Listbox1 -> Field1 -> user select abc

      Listbox2 -> expression -> populates Field2 values but hides excluded values that are not associated with current selection


      User deselects one of the selected values in Listbox2 and I want it to just turn grey and not hide because of the Hide Excluded check