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    Expression is working in reduced application but not working in final Application

    Yojas Samarth


      In my requirement I have to create a pivot which consists of 3 dimensions Month,Business Unit,Grade in the hierarchical manner. In my 1st expression I am calculating Sum(Cost) and In my 2ndexpression I have to calculate reduction in the cost as compared with a particular month’s cost which user is going to select from a separate month field. If user selects Apr then my expression should work like sum(cost) in Apr – Sum(Cost) of other months.

      Selected month(Apr)-other month(May,Jun,July,...etc)/Selected month (Apr)

      I created one expression after reducing data in my application and it is working fine but when I use same expression in my main application then it is not
      working. I tried a lot but it is not getting changed.

      My expression is : 


      (((sum(Total<BU_NAME_SHORT,PAYSCALETY> {<EMPLSTATUS={3},Month1={'$(vInputFrom)'},PAYRL_AREA-={00},EMPLGROUP-={9}>}ANSALARY)*VCurrency_INR)/vUnitSelector)/12



      Can anyone tell me how can I mould this expression so that it should work in my final application.