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    Input on Qlikview sheet

      I hope that someone can help me or point me in the right direction. I need to develop a document where the user can input text below a graph, which would then be printed as a report (graph + text).

      Would something like this be possible?


      Any help would be appreciated

      Thank you

        • Input on Qlikview sheet


          An Input field would allow end users to add text to a document. The data in the input field is mapped to a variable which could be used to drive the text in a text in chart area of a chart or a separate text box which could be added to the report for printing.




            • Input on Qlikview sheet

              Thanks for the reply Lucy.

              I had a look at the Input Box, but the text that the users want to enter can stretch to more than 2 paragraphs. This then makes it difficult to see the text and the graph on the sheet. I suppose it is a question of user education on how to use it, but something like a text box would make life a lot simpler.