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    Number Format problems with OLEDB Connection



      i have a problem with publishing my qlikview documents with qv server.


      If I reload the file with qlikview server with a direct connection to an oracle database (oledb) the number format is like 1,0000000000000000000000 (bad)


      If I reload the file with my local  client and an odbc connection the number format is correct an the flag is 1 (correct).


      The problem is that i use formulas with set analysis ={1} which is not usable with the incorrect number format.


      The format type of the column in the oracle database is "number"


      Thank you very much for your help!!!!


      kind regards


        • Re: Number Format problems with OLEDB Connection
          Derk Landes

          Steffen - I am also dealing with this problem now.  One thing that works is to use cast(<number> as int) when the number is an integer.


          Dealing with decimals is giving a bit of a problem.  the Oracle round() and trunc() functions don't seem to work when that code is passed through via OLEDB.


          So if you just have integers, simply cast those as integers in the script and you'll be fine.