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    linest_m() and aggr() problem


      I have problem with my calculate linest_m. I present my conditions as follows:


      1. a. I have the following fonction: y = y(t),       where t is the x axe, and y(t)= count(TYPE)
      2. b. I want to calculate the cumulate result Y = ∑y(t)
      3. b. The regression line is defined between t1 and t2 ,    where  t1 and t2 are two variables.
      4. c. I need to calculate the linest_m and linest_b of the regression line,  where t should be between t1 and t2.


      Anyhow, the result should be always defined by a subset of (t1,t2).


      THANKS for you response!!


      Actually, I think the problem is how to do a cumulate calculation in an aggr() function, correctly.

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          Daniel Rozental

          Not sure why it's not working but this line is wrong




          it should be something like is SEL_01 a field or a value? if it's a filed it should be




          Also, you're filtering values with an IF statement but also using set analysis. I also don't believe rowno or above will work with the AGGR function.


          You should try building a sample application so people here might be able to help you.