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    Problem with a filtered_sum formula - Plz help!!

    Friedrich Hofmann



      in a table object in my  current document, I have a formula for the turnover, it is calculated from >Shipped_qty * price<. That, however, is incorrect because the shipped quantity includes packing material. That can be split out by filtering for the >partclass< to be 'R' (regular).

      I can include a filtering statement in an expression by enclosing it in two pairs of brackets like {<filter>}. For some reason, though, it doesn't work - I can put that filter in and take it out just like I want, the data in the object DOES NOT CHANGE?!

      What makes this appear even more strange, I have another sheet in my document with just a number of listboxes for testing and there the data does change.

      Can somebody please lend me a hand with that? Needless to say, the correct data being displayed is crucial.

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,