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    QlikView 2 Server Configuration Sanity Check



      We're currently running a stand-alone QlikView instance on a rather modest server.  We're in the process of defining our "production" server, and we have a plan for how we would like to configure our overall QV environment, so we're looking to make sure we didn't go off on a limb and come up with something insane.


      Let's assume for discussion purposes we have two servers; QVTEST and QVPROD.


      As of now, we have all 5 QV services installed on QVPROD;

      1. QVS
      2. QMS
      3. QDS
      4. DSC
      5. QVWS


      We will not be using load balance across multiple QV servers, however we would like to seperate QDS so that we can off-load the overhead of processing from the QVS server, as well as be able to set up test instances of our publishing tasks.  So, with that being said, what we would like to do is install the 5 liecnsed QV services on our two servers as follows;



      1. QDS



      1. QVS
      2. QMS
      3. DSC
      4. QVWS


      Is this possible and/or sane?


      The benefits to this approach, as we see it, would be;

      1. The overhead associated with data processing for publishing tasks is removed from the QVS server.
      2. We're able to publish to both our test and prod QV instances.


      It is important to note that we do have a test QV license, so in theory the 4 services listed above as part of QVPORD, would in fact be installed on QVTEST, however they would be under our test license.


      Thanks for any guidance!