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    Section Access

    Heinz Steinmann



      we are using QV11-Server and Publisher.


      I use following Section Access:




      LOAD Upper (ACCESS) As ACCESS,

      Upper (NTNAME) As NTNAME,

      Upper (GRUPPE) As GRUPPE,

      Upper (MODUL) As MODUL,

      Upper (VERBAND) As VERBAND

      From http://deqv3:4780/QMS/AuthTable(html, utf8, embedded labels, Table is Aussendienst);


      ACCESS     NTNAME                         GRUPPE     MODUL     VERBAND


      ADMIN     de_garant\h.steinmann          *                    *               *

      ADMIN     de_garant\gmsservice          *                    *                 *                              <- service user on QV-SERVER

      USER       de_garant\user01                    *               *                   GMG

      USER       de_garant\user02                    *               3                    GMG

      USER       de_garant\user03                    *               4                    GMG

      USER       de_garant\user04                    *               1                    *


      This doesn't work on the server.


      Can anyboy help me?


      Thanks in advance.



        • Re: Section Access
          Jakub Michalik

          Unless star symbol is treated completely differently when coming from a Publisher authorization table, I'd be careful with it. For fields NTNAME, USERID, PASSWORD it indeed means "any value at all". For all other fields, it means "any value explicitly specified elsewhere in this table". So  for VERBAND * means GMG (because only GMG is explicitely mentioned), for MODUL * means 3 or 4 or 1, and for GRUPPE it actually means "nothing" (because there is no explicitely specified GRUPPE anywhere in the table).