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    How to fix a dimension while following the current location



      First post so I'm sorry if I'm not in the right part.


      I have a chart in which I compare the revenues from the total products with a specific product or group of prroduct that I select with the current selection.


      My problem is that the "all products" line is working fine and displaying 2010 to 2012 revenues


      here is the expression:

      sum({1<[Prd.Solution Line Id]={'96100'}>} [Rev.Amount rev])


      then I have my comparison graph expression


      Sum ({$} [Rev.Amount rev])


      My problem is that by default, the "all products" grah will be for all period (2010-2012) while my comparison graph will be only related the period I select...


      Anyone knows how I can have also the specific product display on the same range as the main one?


      Many thanks for your help!


      Also I would like to know where I can find some material and examples to be able to train myself on such formulas....any ideas except in the manual?