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    QV Server on IIS requests login

    Ian Simmons

      Hi All


      We are about to roll out a pilot on QlikView. Users will be logging in using Active Directory and single sign-on. We are running it on IIS using the Small Business Edition (so no Publisher as yet).


      If we address the server directly (http://servername/qlikview) then the user is logged in without problem.


      We have set up a DNS entry (http://ukbi.ourcompany.co.uk) to point to the IP address of the server, and this does seem to work, I also have a redirect in default.asp to point to the correct folder. The server is only visible internally.


      However whenever anyone starts up IE and addresses the URL they are asked for a login. The Access Point is then available. Also, when exporting to Excel another challenge is made.


      We don't want users to type their passwords in again. What do I need to change to remove this? Is is a DNS setup thing, IIS or a QMC change that is required?


      I am not a networking, web or QVS expert, so any help gratefully received!


      Many thanks