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    How to handle users through accesspoint / server



      Im haveing some troubles loggin in to my accesspoint, so i wanna now some thing:


      1. What should the settings be in QMC so that when i use webticket, a user will be logged in BUT not prompted for login at accesspoint, but only through users via my website

      2. I have some document cals. How do i assign a user to a document, and where do i create the user in QMC?


           Example: I have QVADMIN who should be able to se X.qvw in Accesspoint - If i log in anonoymous i cant see anything, but i guess if i assign the document to a user, then he will be able to see it in accesspoint? but how to?



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          Bill Britt



          You have posted several questions on this. You will have to write the SSO code to do what you are looking to do and then setup the server to accept the ticket. You can contact your account manager and he can get expect services to help you.



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              Im aware of this. But the documentation for setting up an IIS server is pretty poor, due to the high numbers of different sources. However, i think i am able to connect to my webticket now, so i think i finally got it to work.


              However, maybe you can tell me something.. When im using the webticket script i am prompted with alogin. I then login and i get redirected to my doucment, but not as an signed user to the doucment, and therfore i get an warning about i dont have a user cal for the doucment.


              Maybe im doing something wrong in adding the user to a docoument?


              Im using Local directory, with an user who is member of QV administrators.


              Should i make a group and if yes, where do i do so?


              And sorry for the many posts. I just didnt know how to delete them