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    Expression Calculation incorrect only on Server

    Stephen Grofcsik



      We have a QV document deployed on our server version 9.00.7502.8.


      At random points, an expression in one of our objects fails to calculate correctly, it returns zero for all values.  It is random as far as we can tell, it will work for weeks, and then stops working one day.  It requires a server restart to fix.  After the restart, everything is back to normal.  We have seen this behavior in multiple documents on our server.  If we open the document on our Qlikview Desktop application, it works fine, no issues.


      The expression uses Set Analysis to select a range of periods. Here is an example. 


      =sum({$<SEGMENT4={'401100','401200','401700','401800','401900','408200'}, CAL_YEAR={2013}, ACTUAL_FLAG = {'A'}, CAL_MONTH={$(=CONCAT(MONTH_SELECT1, ','))}, CAL_PERIOD= >  }  ACCTD_AMOUNT)


      It is odd, because certain months will work, say selecting Feb, Mar, Apr, but Jan will return all zeros. My hunch is that Dollar Sign expansion is failing somehow.


      I'm hoping someone could provide some guidance or at least let me know if you have ever seen this issue.


      Help much appreciated!  It's causing our users not to trust our data.