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    Rangesum and dimension limits

      I'm using rangesum in an expression within a line chart. 


      My expression is essentially rangesum(amount,above(sum({$<Year=>}amount),0,rowno()))


      I'm tracking activity of square footage over a period of time. basically my data says that a certain space was x amount of square feet.  Then there is a record for each time the square footage of that space changed, so that if you summed all of the square footage it would yield the current square footage today of the space.


      Example: (Space A)

      1/1/1989       1000

      1/1/2005          -10

      5/10/2008         30

      current sf of space is 1020


      My dimension is time.  My rangesum looks great as long as I don't restrict the dimension.  But in most cases I'm summing activity over the last 25 years, and I only want my line chart to show me the totals starting with the last year, and show them by month.



      I've tried using dimension limits but once I use that to restrict it, the rangesum stops working.  (I'm assuming b/c it's excluding the records which I'm excluding through dimension limits).


      If I restrict above small example to only see time in the last 10 years, it would show my space as 20sf.  instead i want to see that it was 990, and then increased to 1020.


      Can I use set analysis to fix?


      Let me know if I should post sample data set.