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    List boxes with dimension values unexpected behavior

      Hi, I have two list boxes apparently they have the same list of values, in my case is a list of dimmension to interact with.... but when i select a value in list 1 that replicates in  list 2 ... i want to select another value in list2 without affect list1... Thanks !

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          Stefan Wühl

          Interesting. I must admit I have never seen a usage model like this before.


          I believe the issue arise because you actually selecting in three fields when selecting one value in one of your list boxes (create a status box to see the details). So selecting a value in box 1 will select a values in c2, but also limit the possible values in c4 and vice versa. You can select a different value in c4, but this will keep your selected c2 value in 'selected excluded' state (check this for more detail:



          I am not really sure what you want to achieve, but maybe try a simple field list box in two alternate states (available since QV11), which should allow selecting two values independently from the same field (check out the 'What's new in QV11' sample application /  demo for some demonstration of this technique).


          Hope this helps,


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              Hi Stefan, well Range tables are tables with the name of the object that I want to display... and localization table has  the name of the object (lbl1) and the value in a requiered idiom (en_us).... I have more columns... to other languages. so I dont know how can I associate two tables to are showed in one list box (list1--> Ranges and Localization) and and list 2 ---> Ranges2 and Localization.