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    How do I filter conent to create a list or report?

      Good afternoon all,


      I imported severl spreadsheets into a QV document. all of the spreadsheet share a single key column so they are all linked.


      I created a listbox that pulls the various columns that I need in my report but I need to filter out some of the records based upon the contents of several columns contained in some of the spreadsheets in order to create a list of actionable items.


      In some cases I need to filter based upon a single column value, Example: if column A value = Approved


      In others I need to filter based upon two column values, example: If column A value equals yes AND Column B value is greater than $1,000,000


      By this process I need to remove records that do not apply to this report.


      How do I do this? should this be done in the script, or should it be done in the document itself or some combination of the two?


      I am pretty new at all this so please be gentle and spell things out for me.


      Thanks in advance for you help on this.


      Best regards,


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          Alan Farrell

          if you want to limit the List Boxes you could choose a list box expression, it's the option at the bottom


          and type the following


          =IF(A = 'Approved',A)


          and for the other list box


          =IF(B >= 1000000 ,B)


          If it's a Straight Table that you want not to show these fields, use some Set Analysis in your table expression





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              Thanks Alan,


              Forgive my ignorance, in the example you gave, does this remove the selected values from the list or limit the list to these values.


              This is important as some of the columns I will be working with have a lot of values, so i need to be abl eto use an expression to remove values from list.


              Also, one thing that I forgot to ask before. In one of the docs I am uploading, it has columns that I need to upload but I do not really want to upload the contents. I would like to just load an empty column.


              But I do not want to have to modify the spreadsheet to do that. Is there an easy way to do that in the script?


              Also, no idea what "Set Analysis" is.


              Thanks again,