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    Show specific record in straight table

      Hi all


      Have a straight table as below:


      Month          Name     TM               Limit     Balance

      Mar 2013     A            Non Target   12          13

      Mar 2013     B            Select          24          6

      Mar 2013     C            Non Target    15          14

      Mar 2013     D            Target           8           13


      Any guidance to show the records with Non Target only



        • Re: Show specific record in straight table
          Gysbert Wassenaar

          You could simply add a listbox for the TM field and select Non Target in it. But if you want that selection only for the straight table you can use a calculated dimension instead of TM, i.e. if(TM='Non Target',TM), and check the Suppress When Value is Null option for the calculated dimension. You can also put the filter in all the expressions: sum({<TM = {'Non Target'}>} Limit) and sum({<TM = {'Non Target'}>} Balance).


          Another option in QV11 is to use an alternate state for both a listbox and the straight chart so selections in the lisbox only apply to the straight chart since it's in the same alternate state as the listbox.