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    Quarter period in Set Analysis

    Dominic Ayling

      Hi All


      I have a dataset that includes period and quarter.  I'm trying to create dynamic reports like in the Whats new in QV11 App.


      The problem I have is when showing metrics only by quarter, for one of the metrics I want to only show the value for the last period in that quarter, so Q1 would show value for period 3, Q2 would show period 6, Q3 would show period 9 etc. 


      There is the additional spanner in the works of when a YTD period is selected (data island), then for the quarter that includes this show this period and not the last in the quarter, so for example if the YTD period selected was 8 then for Q3 the value shown would be for 8 and not 9.


      I came up with this which shows the correct value period in an expression but I want to use this as part of a set analysis and can't get it to work:


      =rangemin(max([Time Period]),$(=zzzPeriod))


      I hope someone can interpret what I'm trying to get at, am happy to elaborate!