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    Method for parsing expressions or linking field(s) with expressions that include them

    Tyler Waterfall

      Hello All,

      I am looking for a way to link QVW Field names with all expressions (and variables, labels, etc) that contain the field name.  Though there might be ways to accomplish this in the load script, I am looking for some form of Set Analysis to perform this in the UI.


      I have a data model which has a table listing all fields ((QVWFieldName) within a set of QVWs.  That table is linked through various other tables to a table containing Expression_Definition (which links to its corresponding sheet object).


      Ideally I'd like to create a chart that lists the QVWFieldName (dimension) and a list of all the expressions, chart objects, labels, and variables where the text of the field name is contained.  However, even just having a table with QVWFieldName | Count of Expressions where FieldName is found | Count of Variables...., etc. would be awesome!


      Any ideas would be appreciated!




      Attached is a simplified data model (app) which illustrates what I am trying to accomplish (and failing!).