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    Multiple Conditions on Table

    Bradley Coyne

      Hi i have multiple conditions on a Table; Main object on the table is ArticleNr


      i can achieve all conditions however not together;


      Logic is as following;


      (1)depending on articletype i should load Artikelnr


      - if(Article type<> 'r',Artikelnr)


      (2)  if([Buying Code] <> 1, 8, 9, Artikelnr)


      (3) Condition on the Artikeltyp = z;

      if(MovementDate > MovementDate -365, Artikeltyp = z)


      How can one go about putting all three conditions Together  for a straight chart?


      i have tried adding the sperate objectsand placing a condition on them without any luck.




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          Nilesh Gangurde

          Hii bracoy01,


          put these three condition in the set analysis syntax.



          Sysntax will be as follows.



          Article type -= {'r'},

          [Buying Code] -= {"1","8","9"},

          Artikeltyp = {"z"};



          you can replace the SUM(Artikelnr) .. i just added the same for understanding purpose but you can change it according to requirement.




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              Bradley Coyne

              Hi Nilesh.


              thank you for the advice however, i have the issue of not being able to restrict the values in a table chart.


              i have attached the Qvw file to the reply.

              Also we need to take the time restriction into account,  .condition number (3)


              " that if the article numbers with the articletype = Z havent been lifted (movement years) the last year they should not appear in the list as well.