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    Rolling 30 days minichart



      I have an straight table with an expression as follow:


      =count({1<DimSalesPhases.Milestone={'CONTRACT'},Date_Clean={'$(vRollingMonth)'}>} DimPotentialCustomers.Company)


      This expression gives me from today and 30 days back



      Now i want to make a minichart/sparkline over these 30 days.


      However, when i roll 30 days back, i will get two months. eg. Marts and april....


      How can i combine this in one sparkline/minichart=


      Because now i have two minicharts - one for each month.. Only showing 2 days for marts, because we have the 28th today..


      Thanks in advanced!

        • Re: Rolling 30 days minichart

          Anyone with knowledge of how to solve this?


          How do i get my minichart two show, two months in one sparkline??


          Currently im using Month as Dimension in my straight table and day as dimension in minichart.


          But when i come today, it will only show me Mays month (cause i filter on it should take current month)


          Otherwise it would make two sparklines - one for April and May