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    bar chart



      I am trying to product a bar chart which shows me, for each Product bought by a customer, other Products also bought by the same customer

      The simplified data model has 2 tables Cust and Order joined by Cust Id

      Product resides on the Order table.

      Can anyone help me with this?


        • bar chart

          Sounds like you could use Indirect Set Analysis. There is a qvw available that shows a lot of set analysis samples, including Indirect Set Analysis.

          Basically you can select values based on a sub selection.

          For instance (from the mentioned Set Analysis.qvw)


          sum({$<CompanyName = p({$<CategoryName={'Baby Clothes'}>} CompanyName)>} Sales)


          Sales for Customers who purchased Baby Clothes.
          The set p({}) returns the values of CompanyName (Customer) that purchased Baby Clothes. </body>