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    Section Access issue.

    Rakesh Boorgu

      Hi guys,


      We have an application, in which the access to users is controlled via Section Access based on the NT username and their Dept.

      Users should be able to see only their department's data. we have an excel sheet that has the access rights.


      Here is the issue with it, whenever a department name is entered incorrectly, the corresponding user gets default (or complete) access.

      For example, if the Depatment is Divisional Management and i enter it as DivisonalManagement (or anything else as a matter of fact - it can be 'xyz' or 'abc'...),

      instead of the user losing access, he gets complete access to all the department.


      I assume this to be a bug. Or is that, I'm missing out something.


      Any help would be highly appreciated!!