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    Count of Calendar Days minus Weekends



      I am working with some statistical data that is tagged with a data date (this is the date we collected the data). I have created a master calendar to ensure that I see all days during a month rather than just the days we have data for.


      I am now trying to do a few calculations. Firstly I did a count of the days we have data which works fine



      (DISTINCT{$<dayused = {">=$(vMinCalDate)<=$(vMaxCalDate) "}>} dayused


      Then I calculated the Calendar Days during that period


      Count(DISTINCT Date)


      Again this worked fine. But I am unable to calculate the Calendar days minus weekends


      count({$<NUM(Weekday)={0,1,2,3,4} >}Date)


      I have a Weekday field that was created as part of my master calendar and I have tested IF statements that show that 0 = Mon, 1 = Tues etc, but this expression is not accepted.


      Can anyone suggest what is requird?