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    Qlikview OCX to access already open document


      Is there a way to set the OCX to access an already opened document?

      The methods DocName, OpenDocument and OpenDocumentEx all seems to open a new instance from the saved file.

      It would be great to access the opened document in the state it's in with selections et.c.



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              I use this line  

               Dim d As QlikView.Document

               d = ocxQlik.OpenDocumentEx(strDocumentPath, 1, False, "", "")


               to open a document, then use the variable d to access the document.


               If I have a document in the OCX already open, I use this to access it.


               d = ocxQlik.ActiveDocument


          I hope that helps;



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              Does this work without issues? I tried opening the same qlikview doc on the same winforms page. Different objects in 2 different qlikview ocx controls. Issues with the wrong objects showing up in the controls where I specify to use a specific object. It's as if the winforms page is opening 2 different qlikview dashboards of the same thing. If I target the OCX control to look at a bar grid control for example, I sometimes cannot click data points because the control thinks there is a graph on top of it or some other object that wasn't selected for that ocx control. Does the OpenDocumentEx method open the document in a different way that can pull objects out and place into multiple qlik ocx controls?