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    troubles with set analysis and aggr

      I have a qlikview document containing data about some customers. There is CustomerID field and a CustomerName field, but CustomerName is not always present in the data.

      I want to concatenate all the CustomerID that have an associated CustomerName in a TextObject, without regard for the current selection state.


      I first tried the following expression:

      =concat(aggr(distinct CustomerName, CustomerID))


      It works but only returns value associated with the selected/possible values of CustomerID. So I added {1} to my expression to evaluate it on the complete data set:

      =concat(aggr(distinct {1} CustomerName, CustomerID))




      =concat({1}aggr(distinct CustomerName, CustomerID))


      and even:

      =concat({1}aggr(distinct {1}CustomerName, CustomerID))


      But none of the above worked as I want. How can I achieve what I want?