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    select possible and exclude set analysis



      I dont know if i am able to do this.


      I have a Funnel chart where i have a count of companies from my listbox Milestone.


      Can i include a value in my expression so i would get values from my listbox phases


      I am thinking something like this?


      =Count({$<DimSalesPhases.Milestone=e({$<DimSalesPhases.Milestone={'UKENDT'}>} DimSalesPhases.Milestone),

      DimPotentialCustomers.RelationID=p({$<DimPotentialCustomers.RelationID={'11'}>} DimPotentialCustomers.RelationID) DimPotentialCustomers.Company)



      So first im excluding a value from milestone (that works fine if i only have this) But next i want to include a valaue from another listbox - but i cant seem to figure out the expression?