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    Where Not Exists












      I've tried both connecting the tables on RequestNumber, as well as creating a Fact table with %Table1ID, %Table2ID, and RequestNumber.


      What I'm trying to do is show a Sum of HoursSpent per RequestDepartment (and be able to "qlik" UserNames).  If RequestDepartment is null in Table1, I replace it with 'None'.  However, if RequestNumber in Table2 is not found in Table1, I want RequestDepartment to say 'Request Not Found', but still show the Sum of HoursSpent toward 'Request Not Found'.


      How can I go about doing this?  Basically, RequestNumber can be typed incorrectly in table 2 (it won't exist in table1), and I want to be able to click on those to reveal them.



      Note: It's kind of like I want an outer join, but to replace nulls with values so I can click them.  I don't think I want to join the tables for this, though, but I will if it's the only way