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    Authentication Required.

    Israr Khan

      Hi Community,



      I Just Install QlikView Server 11.20 on Windows 7 on my laptop, just for learning process.

      and i have QlikView Desktop Installed Registered Version 11.20 at same machine,



      now when i try to open QMC(QlikView Management Console), it ask me UserName and Password,


      even i did not set or enter password during instalation, than which password it asking me...?

      i tried to enter my windows password, but not accepting, and i am logging with admin account.



      Any Help Would Be Highly Appreciated...




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          Daniel Rozental

          Khan, first, you should have entered a username and a password during the installation. That username and password was for the QlikView services to run under. Please make sure that all QlikView services are running under a local admin user.


          Second, you're getting prompted for a username and password because IE is probably not recognizing the site as a local intranet site and not carrying your users credentials over or forcing the credentials to be reentered for every site by policy setting.


          You should try entering localhost and your machine name as a local intranet site and make sure you don't get prompted for credentials for sites within that zone.

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            Bill Britt



            You need to start my putting the Http://localhost in the local intranet site. Second the user account that you log into you computer with needs to be a member of the QlikView Administrator group. Restart all QlikView Services.


            Let me know what you get after you try this.