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    chart loading error

      Dear all, I sometimes get the following error when trying to load a chart/graph. Sometimes this problem is solved by reloading the file, sometimes it isn't.

      I hope someone can help,


      thanks in advance!




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          Mohit Sharma



          this problem occurs when you have huge data and on the basis of dimension field which have too much linking in database to get the desired output in expression side.

          'so, it takes lot of time

          and you have to remove  the synchronization key (in tabular viewer you can see that)

          so, to do this

          your r able to see the output but make sure that your expression regarding output is correct.

          hope it helps

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              Dear er.mohit, thank you for the quick reply.

              i understood this problem occurs is because i have too much data, which is indeed correct. so is there any way i can solve it? can you please explain what you mean with synchronization key and 'expression regarding output'?


              many thanks!!!



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              Vishwaranjan Kumar

              when between two table 2 or more than 2 field are common then synchronization key made.

              thi synchronization are removed by the following ways.





              from table1


              join   // or use concatenate





              from table2


              And use functions , remove if conditions, or long expression in your chart