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    Straight table - sum total not working



      I'm really hoping someone can help me. I cannot attach the file I'm using so hopefully the details are clear enough below - I'm so confused!!!


      Within a table I have the following data:


      Client            Bill Date          Amount

      xxx               30/11/10           10,924

      xxx               22/06/10           15.650


      the Amount column works of the following expression:



      sum({$<[BILLINGS Bill Date]={">=$(cddate1)<=$(cddate2)"},CUR={$(=vSelCur)}>}[BILLINGS FeesBilled Amt])


      sum({$<[BILLINGS Bill Date]={">=$(cddate1)<=$(cddate2)"},CUR={$(=vSelCur)}>}cdrate)


      which shows me a total of 26.574


      However if I remove the bill date from the above table, I get a total of 53,054! (using the same expression as above).


      Client             Amount

      xxx                  10,924


      I've looked on the website, and I suspect I need to use the aggr function within my expression, but I'm most probably wrong, why is the total not summing correctly and how can I get it to work?