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    expression issue

    Sukhwant Matharoo


      below is my table


      id          value          tradepurpose     date    

      1               100               abc              T

      1               150               xyz               T-1


      i have created a straight table and the expression is not working properly:


      D          D                      Expression                         Expression

      id          tradepurpose        T value                              Change %

      1                                    sum({<date=T>}value)          alt(sum({<date=T>}value) /sum({<date=T-1>}value)-1,1)


      answer i am getting is below:

      id          tradepurpose          T value          Change %

      1               abc                         100          100%

      1               xyz                         0               -100%



      i want the answer to be: (is it possible having trade purpose in the dimension

      id           tradepurpose          T Value          Change %

      1               abc                         100               -33%